What kind of human are you?

What are you looking for in a puppy?

Are you outdoorsy? 

Do you like to hang on the coach and binge on Netflix?

Are you sociable or shy?

Do you sleep late or like to go for an early walk?

Do you like to cuddle? Roll around on the floor? Throw a ball around?

Do you live with other cats or dogs or humans?

Do you have kids?

Do you have - YIKES! - cats?

Do you have a yard or live in a apartment or condo?

The Top Dogs would like to know more about you before they choose their "Forever Home".

We find families for a wide variety of puppies, such as Cockapoos, Yorkies, Shih-tzu-Havanese, Labradoodles and many more.  The majority of our puppies are small to medium sized, low shedding, family friendly breed types. Listed blow are a some of the breeds we found families for. To view the puppies CURRENTLY available, click here.



Two working breed types make for a smart, athletic pup!

Aussies enjoy having a job (like herding!).

Poodles were traditionally bred as water hunting dogs.    

As pup is only half Poodle, this cross would be a "medium shedding" dog.


Two active breeds rolled into one! 

This pup will enjoy having a job, and will be athletic enough to try agility.  

Very smart breed types in this pup,.

Only the Yorkie is considered low shedding, so this cross would be a "medium shedding" dog.

Basset Hound

Adorable sad-faced hounds that are known for their patience and gentle natures.

Their unique characteristics and personality have earned them the nickname the "Clown Prince of The Dog World." 

They love to follow a scent, albeit not quickly!


These dogs love to follow a scent, be it bacon or flowers.

High energy, high activity pups that need direction and training, but are fun loving for the whole family.

Beagles are known for being very vocal, with barking, baying and howling. According to Paw Nation:

"In fact, it is believed the name 'Beagle' comes the Middle French 'bee gueule,' literally 'wide throat,' but more poetically translated as 'loudmouth.'"


The Bichon is one of the original low shedding breed types, a friendly, classic family dog.


With a Bichon-Havanese there is rarely a dull moment! 

They are a little clown of a dog! 

Havanese originated from Cuba as circus dogs, and make playful, friendly, family dogs.


Lots of personality in a little package


A big activity dog in a small body!  Medium short hair shedder.


First time cross for The top Dog Store. 

Small English bulldog mom with Beagle dad.


A very popular breed cross! 

Cavaliers are sweet, laid back dogs, and Beagles are friendly and active.

Bichon Shih-tzu

Looking for love? Cuddles? Devotion? 

The original "designer" dog, the Bichon Shih-tzu is known for being sweet, cuddly, and lovable.

Everyone needs a Teddy Bear - especially as soft and adorable as these pups.

A classic family dog, Bichon Shih-tzus are low shedding, low exercise, and high friendly! 

Bichon Poodle

A great combination of low shedding, friendly dogs.  Smart, athletic.


A wonderful mix of low shedding breed types makes for a great family pet!

Smart, friendly and easy going.


Saucy pups!  Big dog in a little body.

Loving and fun.

Cairn Terrier

Dorothy's Toto was a Cairn Terrier. 

They are spunky and smart. They love to dig and chase and bark and are great for an active family.

And, they are usually left-pawed, which has been shown in dogs to correlate to superior performance in tasks related to scent. 


This is a very popular small dog cross. The Cavachon is quiet, laid back and low shedding.


Sweet, friendly and relaxed.


Tiny, loyal and protective.


A fun mix of small breed types - very sweet!


The best of both Spaniel worlds!! 

The robustness & vigour of a Cocker Spaniel.

The sweet disposition of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. 

Spaniels are always popular family dogs and are considered "medium shedding" dogs.

Cocker Spaniel

The traditional "family dog" that everyone knows and loves! 

Never met a mud puddle they didn't like!  

The Cocker Spaniel will be a medium to high shedding dog with some regular grooming requirements.


The Cockapoo is one of the most popular "designer dog" breed types in North America. 

A perfect mix of the traditional Cocker Spaniel family dog with the low shedding Poodle. 

They are a robust, smart, energetic dog that loves to play with the whole family!


Mom is a Cockapoo and Dad is a Poodle, so you get a really curly haired, low shedding dog.


Cockapoo meets Maltese! 

The boundless energy of a Cockapoo with the smarts of a Maltese.  

Cockapoos and Maltese are the most popular breed types for family dogs in North America. 

This breed type would be considered a "low shedding" dog, but would have some regular grooming requirements to stay neat and tidy.

"Cocker Pom Poo"

Great little pups that look like mini Goldendoodles. 

Some have more "Pom" looking features, and some more "Poodle", so you can pick just the right little face!


A delightful mix.

Friendly, small Spaniel type, low shedding.


The couch potato companion.

20 minutes of play = 2 hours of sleeping for a Frenchton. 

This breed type has got the Frenchie's good looks, with the athleticism of a Boston. 

Frenchtons have smarts and instantly love everyone they meet! 


Bred in France to be a small version of the English Bulldog, clown-like, friendly, famous for snoring and passing gas.

German Shepherd

One of the most popular family dogs for decades. 

Smart, loyal, high shedders.

The German Shepherd needs training/direction but they are highly agile and trainable making them one of the top ten most popular breeds.

Lots of shedding.

Golden Retriever

Smart and gentle, the Golden Retriever has been the most popular family dog for years in North America.  Jackie Chan, Betty White, Emma Stone and Oprah all own Golden Retrievers.


Brussels are best known as the dog from the movie "As Good as it Gets"! 

They are bright, but sometimes like to have things their way - it's "their way or the highway!". 

The creator of "Ewoks" from Star Wars owned a Brussels Griffon.

They are very much a little clown of a dog. 

Mixed with Poodle, so this cross would be a "medium shedding" dog.


The low shedding, clown of the dog world!

Havanese Shih-tzu

A combo of low shedding, friendly dogs.  Big soft coats on these clowns! 


The Havanese is one of the top 5 dogs breeds owned in Canada.

Calgary, Edmonton, and Toronto have the largest number of Havanese owners in the country.  Originating as circus dogs in Cuba, the Havanese are smart, low shedding, robust and friendly, the whole package.

Crossed with Yorkie just adds to the smarts! 


A mix of two great hardy breed types! 

Havanese are Cuban circus dogs, very smart, low shedding. 

Poms are very smart, devoted to their owners and have an amazing, medium shedding coat

These pups have wonderful thick, soft coats.


A popular cross between a Pug and a Parson Russell Terrier (also known as a Jack Russell Terrier)


One of the original 'designer' crosses.  Standard size big, goofy, friendly.


Sometimes people call this an F1B cross, because Mom is a Labradoodle and Dad is a Poodle, so they are 3/4 Poodle.  Very curly coats, should be low shedding.


The original little white, low shedding dog! 

Originating from the island of Malta - friendly and active, but not requiring much exercise.


These darling puppies are quiet, sweet natured and low shedding.


The Malti-Shih is a cross of two lovely small, low shedding dogs breeds. 

Shih-tzus known for their laid-back personalities, Maltese known for their smarts. 


 The Maltipoo is a very popular low shedding breed cross.


Popular new mix - best of both worlds! 

The looks of a Mini Schnauzer with the soft personality of a Maltese.

Miniature Pinscher

Mini Schnauzer

Once you've had a Schnauzer, you'll never go back! 

Owners are fiercely loyal to this breed that is both smart and low shedding.

These little fellas a very stoic, and make terrific family pets. 

As they are a member of the Terrier family, they can be somewhat stubborn, but respond beautifully to consistency in training.

Mini Dachshund

Fun loving dogs who love to dig!

Mini Golden Doodle

Mom is Goldendoodle and Dad is Poodle, should be half the size of a regular Doodle, low shedding.

"Mini Walrus"

 Cross of Sharpei and Beagle makes for goofy clown that loves to cuddle!


(Nanoo, Nanoo!) 

Low shedding / some grooming. Small sized adult, friendly, easy going.


Their name is from the French word for butterfly, as their ears usually develop long flowing hair and when standing erect, resemble the wings of a butterly. 

Very smart, they tend to bond with their primary care-giver, but can be playful and fun with family members.  

A spunky, robust Toy Breed!


Two sweet breeds, great little lap dog!

Pekingese are very intelligent and very loving and affectionate with their family but aloof, almost wary, of strangers. That characteristic makes them excellent watchdogs; they like to bark when strangers approach.



Pekingese are very intelligent and very loving and affectionate with their family but aloof, almost wary, of strangers. That characteristic makes them excellent watchdogs; they like to bark when strangers approach.


If you are looking for a devoted, loving friend who will treat you with respect and dignity and expect the same treatment from you, then the Pekingese may be a breed to consider. The Pekingese will return your care with all the love and affection that a truly large heart in a small package can offer.