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February 8, 2017


'Hi there! 

My family's experience with Top Dog has been second to none. Following the passing of our 15.5 year old bichonXshih tzu, we started keeping our eyes out for puppies for my sister and I.


I am not one to rush into having an animal and I do my research. During my life I have owned 2 competition horses, a dog, and I currently have 2 guinea pigs. We put our faith in Top Dog that the puppies were from respectable, humane breeders and we were NOT disappointed.


Our first pup is a mini schnauzer. He is the happiest, friendliest, funniest, and smartest dog I have ever seen. When we took him to the vet for his complimentary vet check which Top Dog provides after their initial check and purchase of the puppy, we got lucky as one of the associate vet clinics is the same one we used for our last dog. The vet who saw Benji recognized him immediately as she had done the initial vet check at the Top Dog Store before the puppies could start meeting people. Knowing our vet, they would not endorse of support an organization that was in humane in any way. 


Following the success with Benji, I had been keeping my eye on Top Dog for a puppy for myself eventually. After waiting and making more than one additional visit to the store, I found my little Shih Poo Gimli.


In all my visits to the store, one little of puppies was ALWAYS out for play time and all the cages were always clean. When I got Gimli, he smelled and felt clean and did not feel like he was neglected in any way. He has ought to be the calmest, most docile puppy I have seen and is such a sweet heart.


Top Dog was even kind enough to call me after I had had him for a couple of weeks to check up on him. In my puppy search I had looked online for breeders in the area. Most of them required a minimum 6 months on a wait list with their wait list being currently closed. Other options included breeders off Kijiji who I would have wanted to do a thorough background check on to ensure I was getting a decent puppy.

When I took Gimli back to our vet for his complementary vet check, I took him to our old dog's vet. Gimli got compliments on his disposition and on what a healthy puppy he is. The vet and I had a wonderful conversation about finding a good puppy. She spoke exceptionally high of the Top Dog Store and said that many puppies they see from there all have such wonderful dispositions. She also went on to tell me how strongly and passionately Marion feels about her business and how she stands behind her puppies. My vet assured me that this is an organization where if the vet noticed abnormalities within a litter (not saying that there are any), they would let Marion know and she is a woman who would go to the breeders and let them know.


Top Dog offers warranties on their puppies and Marion stands behind her puppies. I don't know about you but if I am going to pay and commit to a new puppy, I want to know I am getting good quality and this is what Top Dog provides. 

I could go on about how wonderful this store is. Both our Top Dog puppies have settled in wonderfully, have become best friends and do not in any way show any signs that they have ever been mistreated in their lives. Thank you Top Dog for helping my family adopt two little bundles of joy into the house. We sure love them and get complimented on their personalities all the time!"


Thank you, 


Jennifer, Benji, and Gimli  - "brothers from another mother"

The Top Dog Store

To Jennifer, Benji and Gimli,

What a wonderful, articulate, helpful and kind review you have written about our store.  Bringing a puppy into the home is such an important family event and we do everything we can to make it memorable, so thank you for that acknowledgement.  We strive to be a safe and reliable provider that families can trust with such an important decision and, as you note, our breeder partners and our veterinary relationships play a large role in making that happen. We also appreciate that clients such as yourself make responsible and well thought out family decisions.


Thank you so much for taking the time to share the experiences you had with our store and we are delighted that Benji and Gimli have found such a wonderful home. 


All the best, from all of us at The Top Dog Store 

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