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The top dog store camping with dogs
The top dog store camping with dogs
Top Dop Camping Kit

Top Dog Camping Kit

Crate and cover



Dog food

Cable tie

And a can cozie for you!

Medium $199.97


Large $229.97 


Check out our camping display in store.

NERF for dogs! Great in the yard and a must for a camping trip!

Nerf 2.jpg
outward hound life jackets at the Top Do

Outward Hound Lifejackets

Safety first!

Available XSM to LG.

Bright orange for best visibility.

Velcro and straps for best fit.

The top dog store camping with dogs

Soft Side Camping Crate

Folds up for easy storage.

Pops right up for pup to lie

down and relax.

The top dog store camping with dogs

Camping Crate

Comes with dishes, cover and

comfy mattress pad.

Medium & Large sizes available

The top dog store camping with dogs

Tie Out Stake & Cable

Keep your Best Fur Friend safe and secure during your camping adventure. Assorted cable lengths & weights to choose from.

Dog themed can cozies. These and more.

The top dog store camping with dogs

Booster Seats for your Best Fur Friend

Perfect for little dogs 5 - 25lbs who just wanna see out the window!! 

Foldable, washable, durable nylon straps, reinforced bottom.

Pair with a Seat Belt Tether to keep your puppy safe in the car.

boosters seats for dogs at the top dog store
The top dog store camping with dogs

Reusable Bags

Two dog themes to choose from.

Folds up into pouch for easy storage.

The top dog store camping with dogs

Bandanas for Stampede

Available in 6 different colours.

Full size and half size.

Swedish Dishcloth

swedish dishcloth at the top dog store

Replace your paper towels and sponges! This eco-friendly alternative works hard, day after day. One Swedish Dishcloth absorbs 20 times its weight and replaces 17 rolls of paper towels.

  • Cleans virtually streak-free. More absorbent when damp.

  • Use on glass, granite, tile, ceramic, stainless steel, and puppy feet ;-)

  • Works well with just water, soap, and sprays.

  • Air dries fast, so it doesn’t breed bacteria like a conventional sponge.

  • Dry flat, or drape over the sink or faucet. The more surface area exposed to air, the faster it will dry.

  • Keep your cloth clean so it can keep cleaning. Wash up to 200 times and reuse!

  • Squeeze out excess moisture after use. Do not wring out, to keep shape.

  • Clean in the top rack of the dishwasher, or in the washing machine.

  • Air dry only.

  • To sterilize: microwave when damp, or boil briefly. Use some bleach if desired.

  • Reuse, and rejoice!

  • 100% biodegradable when it is ready to return to the Earth.

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