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The second best thing about what we do at The Top Dog Store is meeting the families

Sorry humans, the animals come first. ;-)


Finding the right family for a puppy is delicate business and our Puppy Advisors will help with the match making.

Over the years we have found families for hundreds of dogs.

We see our dog people a lot after that initial visit - they come for classes or food or just for a visit. It's always nice to see them and great to see the puppies grow up.


We would love to help you find a puppy that suits your lifestyle so come and see us. Call or email anytime, we are here to answer all your questions. 

Thank you so much to all our adoptive families who have sent us pictures of their

Top Dog puppies in their forever homes - we love it!!

Send us your Then & Now Top Dog Puppy pictures and story.
We would love to feature it ! 



March 2018

Hi guys, it's been 3 1/2 years since we brought Oreo home and I thought I'd send a pic so you know how big and wonderful he's become.  He's in a home with 3 other animals, his best friend is my one year old male farm cat. 


Oreo is a lover, he gives kisses like crazy, my son calls him "licky pants", and he's a definite snuggler.  He's grown into a very handsome boy and loves his kids like there's no tomorrow, but never stops snuggling his mama when he gets a chance.  He's all about chillin' and playin' with his kitty.  Lol

Thank you so much for this wonderful and much loved member of our family.  

~ Roxanne

Thank you so much for the wonderful update!  

Oreo was the first puppy ever adopted from The Top Dog Store, and he was a special favourite of all the staff.

We are so pleased that he has a loving, forever home with you.  

Please feel to send us any updates in the future - we love seeing our pups with their families!

~ All of us at Top Dog


January 2020


Here is a picture of Miss Luna.
Luna is a perfect fit with our busy house of 6 young adults and 3 fur cat sisters. Everyone is getting along and doing great.
We are so happy Luna found us and we found her.
Thank you,The Boyce Family 

Miss Luna


March 2020

Dear Top Dog friends,


My parents took a little time to finally find my perfect name, Penny.


I have a big brother Jager who has been so patient and kind with me and one of my favorite past-times is to snuggle up to him.  He even let's me take treats right from his mouth!!!!  He's just a big pushover!  I also have a playmate in the cat, Turk.  He and I play a lot.  


Mom brushes me every night, and it has become our special time.  Every Saturday she gets the weekly stank off me and makes me smell all purdy!  I love the blow dryer, it warms me right back up.  


Thank you for helping me to find my new family I really love them and cant wait for the warmer weather everyone talks about.  I'm sure that will be another big adventure!


Love Penny



August 2019

Dear Top Dog Staff,


Our names our Peanut and Luna.  We were adopted from Top Dog in April and May.  We are now almost 7 months old. 


Our humans made us take this picture to send to you.  We just got our first haircuts a few weeks ago so we had to show it off. 


They want us to tell you how much we are enjoying ourselves.  We have become the best of friends! 


Our human training is coming along nicely as well.  They have learned to cater to our every need and want.....although we let them think they’re training us.  


On behalf of our humans, we wanted to send this update and to thank Top Dog for bringing us all together!  You will always have a special place in our hearts! 


Peanut & Luna

Lynnette, Will & Alex 

puppies 08-04-19[1].jpg

Arlo & Oakley

December 2018

I don't know if you guys like receiving updates on the puppies you have found homes for  (we love it!)  but I thought I would share.


We have two puppies from your store Arlo (white/brindle) and Oakley (brindle) both share the same dad. They are the best of friends and keep us endlessly entertained. 


Thank you for everything, Misty & Justin 

A & O (1).jpg


June 2018 

On December 15th last year I opened our door to find my husband standing on our front porch holding a 10 week old Cockapoo-poodle who would in mere seconds steal the hearts of our family.


Beatrice is nine months old now and in the 6 months that we have had her we could not imagine our lives without her.   She without a doubt completes our family.


She has the most calming disposition making her a favourite among children and people that we meet during our daily walks.  My sons and I walk her to and from school where she has developed a following of kids on the playground who will shout her name down the block every morning when they see her coming.   Beatrice loves every minute of the attention!  It was even suggested to me that she get her own Instagram account!   I get asked regularly where we found her which gives me the opportunity to tell others about your establishment.

Beatrice is sweet, loving, smart and has become the very best companion to our 6 and 7 year old boys.  She enjoys her walks, playing fetch, car rides and will soon be taking her first airplane ride to meet our families back home to Toronto and Newfoundland - everyone cannot wait to meet her!  


Thank you to The Top Dog Store for fulfilling our family.  While I was not there the day my husband came in to bring our Beatrice home, I had been in your store several times with our sons and were immediately impressed with the cleanliness of your establishment, the knowledge from your staff and the follow up they provided once we brought Beatrice home.  Thank you for trusting my husband in bringing her home to us on his own.   It truly will be a day I will never forget.


All The Best, Brian, Signe, Jack, Charlie and Beatrice

The Top Dog Store
The Top Dog Store
The Top Dog Store
The Top Dog Store


November 2019


I wanted to give you an update on Gimli.


He has officially been certified as a therapy dogs with PALS Pets!


I am so grateful for him. He is the most well mannered dog. Thank you for bringing us together.


A Top Dog puppy story photo


June 2019


Good morning! 

We got Leonard (aka Lenny) the French Bulldog on November 9, 2018.


He is the perfect addition to our family. He is so full of love and is the most snuggly dog I have ever met. If someone sits down on the couch he is immediately in their lap. He has so much love to give and we wouldn’t want it any other way. 

He brought new energy into our home. Something our female Boston Terrier desperately needed after being alone for over a year after our male Boston Terrier passed away. Roo is now way more active and seems over all happier. Lenny definitely keeps ‘mama’ Roo on her toes. 

I am so thankful that we walked into Top Dog on that November afternoon. Lenny is such a blessing. Thank you Top Dog for connecting us with our sweet Lenny. 


Kelly, Chris, Carly, Roo and Leonard

th top dog store

luna eclipse

April 2019


We adopted our beautiful puppy Luna Eclipse (Cocker Spaniel/Havanese) from your store on Saturday, April 13th. 


We wanted to thank you for our new fur baby addition to the family.  She is fitting right in!  


We especially want to thank Jenna and the rest of the staff for being so kind and helpful.  The store was busy that afternoon, but we never felt rushed or like we were imposing on staff with our questions.  Everything was explained to us as we were signing papers, including information on the guarantee and the importance of getting our puppy in for her initial vet visit.   


Luna is a wonderful addition to our family.  She is settling in well and is exactly the temperament we were looking for.   We had been looking for awhile to add to our family again.  It has been almost a year since our other dog (Jack Russell/Bichon) passed away at age 17.  


When we found your store website online,  we didn’t realize there were still pet stores that have puppies that people can come in, meet and interact with.  It was what we were looking to be able to do before getting another dog.   We appreciated that we could see pictures online of each individual puppy you have in your store.  It gave us a chance to research the breeds and how they might fit with our family.   In addition we valued the information you provided about how you get your puppies to reassure us that you are careful with the breeders you choose.  


Throughout our time in the store, Jenna and others were helpful and patient in answering our questions and finding various items we needed for Luna at home.  Luna is turning out to be such a delight as she gets to know us and feel comfortable in her new home.  Please pass along our thanks to Jenna and the rest of the staff.


Thank you again!!


Sincerest Regards,

Lynnette, Will & Alex 

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March 2019


We have been enjoying our puppy Shiraz. . 

She is smart, beautiful and loaded with energy and personality. 

The neighborhood loves her and she always greets people by walking on her back legs which is very charming and it shows off her unique coloring. 



Marilyn and Gary 

Kelowna, BC

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Mr. Milo

March 2019


It's been a year today since we were lucky enough to adopt Mr.Milo and oh how he has changed!


He is so smart, does dozens of tricks, and is literally a huge part of our family:) 

Thought you guys might want an update and a new picture!



March 2019


I just wanted to let you know that Louie our Mauzer,  joined our family four months ago and he is an absolute joy. 

We wanted a friend for Gunnar, our Yorkie. They have bonded incredibly well, considering Gunnar is 8 years old. They love to cuddle and play together all the time. 

Louie is spoiled, and has slept with us since day one. He cried so much the first night, we caved and moved him to our bed. He has slept all night, every night since his first with us! 

He is pure joy and cuddles and snuggles non stop. He is gentle and affectionate. He has brought renewed energy to Gunnar,  which we never thought we would see again. Our love is immense for this little dude. 

We just wanted to share some of our happiness with you! 


The Slade's 

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December, 2018


Just wanted to reach out and say thank you to all the employees who took care of this puppy before allowing him to become a part of our lives.


Deebo loves playing fetch and snuggling with his new parents. We are absolutely obsessed and have fallen head over heels in love with him. 

Wishing all of you a happy holiday.   Brandon & Nikki

adopted puppy from The Top Dog Store Calgary


September, 2018


I just wanted to let you know that our 3 pups we got from Top Dog about 3 years ago have grown into beautiful dogs!

We have Hanna, the Yorkie x Havanese

Charlie, the Cavapoo and

Holly, the Cavalier Spaniel. 


We share our home with adults with intellectual challenges, and you should see how much joy Charlie bring to our young man. He can throw a ball, and Charlie will always bring it back for more! 


We also have a senior lady who is quite happy to drink her tea, and watch her favourite movie with Hanna and Holly curled up beside her.


Your care of dogs and helping us find the right pups for our family is amazing - we can’t thank you enough!!


Susan G.

dog head.jpg


August, 2018


I would just like to update you on our little mia! 

She has a personality of her own!

She's so smart and a character! She loves cuddles and playing with her best friend, Arya!

She enjoys getting sun on her tummy and rolling in the dirt, and has a thing for rocks and bottles!

She hates baths, staying in her kennel, and pooping and peeing outside if its windy and rainy! (The water gets into her ears).


She has little bursts of energy and runs around the yard like a chicken with her head cut off!


We are so happy that we found our precious mia and cant thank you enough for letting us take this beautiful dog home!

The Top Dog Store


August, 2018



This is Duchess.  She is a Top Dog Goldendoodle we took home in late March. 


She's happy, healthy and we love her. 


Thank you to you all! 


The Top Dog Store


June, 2018


Hi Top Dog!


Time for an update on GUS! We got him from you on August 25, 2016. Here is GUS on his 2nd birthday). 


GUS is absolutely the best little guy around and loves, I mean LOVES, to play fetch. We take him everywhere we go, including to work where we play more fetch and he acts as the door greeter for everyone who comes into the office.


GUS even enjoys his “getting away from the parents time” on Wednesday’s at doggy daycare.


We’d like to thank Top Dog for providing a safe place to purchase healthy puppy’s and who’s ethical practices ensures no puppy mills.


If we ever wish to expand our fur family in the future, we will remember Top Dog for sure.


Sincerely, Cynthia

The Top Dog Store


July, 2018


Walked into your store on Saturday June 2nd just to look! Ended up leaving with a new family member. ❤️


Thank you Kira for all your help answering my questions. Baby Luna has adapted to life with her new parents so quickly!! She is so full of love, cuddles and kisses.

She was truly meant to be ours - we can’t imagine life without our little Luna.


Thank you guys for taking such good care of our baby for the first couple months of her life!! She is so smart and we love her so much. 

Love,  Bobby, Sonya and Luna 

The Top Dog Store


April, 2018

Milo is doing so well and we love him so much!


He starts his puppy training next week but really doesn't need a lot of work becasue he is SO smart.

He loves car rides, by my head as you tell by the picture hahah - And he loves playing with all his sisters 24/7.

Thanks again so much for bringing Milo into our lives. We can't imagine life before him now.

 - Shauna

The Top Dog store


Hello, sorry for taking so long to send a photo of Kika, here she is!! She is 1 year already and in May will be a year that we got her from you guys.

The Top Dog store


Luna enjoying the yard. We are so blessed to have her. - Tammy

A Top Dog puppy story photo


We just bought a puppy (specifically a cream Shiranian girl born November 2/17). We just wanted to extend our deepest appreciation to the staff of The Top Dog Store. To be honest, I was skeptical at first about buying a puppy from a “store” instead of a “breeder”, but I couldn’t have been more impressed with the staff and the puppies there! They all appeared to be very well taken care of, clean, happy, and very well socialized. Simply, everything you would want from a “breeder” and even better than some breeders that I have visited in the past.


The staff were great, especially the one who had helped us the night before and the day of our purchase. (I regretfully cannot remember her name, but I was just so enamoured by the newest member of our family that I didn’t hear or see anyone else in the room), but she was incredibly helpful and friendly throughout the process.

Kenna, the newest member of our family, has adjusted great! I haven’t lost any sleep, as she has slept through the night since day one. She has only barked twice while playing with our older dogs, but nothing since. She is playful, lovable and independent.

We thank you on behalf of all the dogs in your care! You are highly recommended by my family and I will definitely consider working with The Top Dog Store again if/when the time comes! - Noah 

A Top Dog puppy story photo


Just wanted to send an update:

Kylo joined our family August 19, 2016 and it has been the best year.  We could not imagine life without him.

He is kind, cuddly, loving and so much fun.  He loves to play with our boys and the boys absolutely adore. 


We are so happy he joined our family and looking forward to the years to come. Thank you Top Dog !! 

~ Kindest regards, Karen 

A Top Dog puppy story photo


Hi Top Dogs,


Just wanted to send some praise to your organization.


We have two Top Dogs  - we purchased Baxter, a Cavalier Poodle in April of 2015, and Molly, a Shitzu Poodle, in May of 2015.  


Our experience has been so amazing and the fur babies are doing amazing. So healthy and happy. I know there is criticism that people should take rescue dogs instead of buying new puppies and we have had one challenge at the park for what was referred to as our support of a "puppy mill purchase”.


To that we say ... Please stop.  


We actively support and volunteer with local rescue organizations, help rescue and place dogs, our choice to purchase from The Top Dog Store was to enjoy a puppy experience with the amazing option to hold and cuddle puppies and be able to choose the right dogs for us.  


We believe in the fact that you work with reputable breeders and do not support puppy mills, that you have a diligent process. If we buy directly from a breeder we have no way of being certain that they are not puppy milling.


I personally am a huge animal activist and have saved not only dogs but horses as well. I have been very impressed by your ownership and care.  We came by with a rescue dog recently and your staff gave us an extra discount on our purchase for all her first needs.


I am always impressed and I want to thank you for your bravery to stand up to all the criticism. It is easy to hate and harder to understand. 


We have your back!

Kind Regards,


Dawn C.

A Top Dog puppy story photo


Just wanted to send you guys an update.

My family bought our puppy from you last

December, a West highland terrior!

Named him scribbles.

Just wanted to thank you all for being an

amazing store and giving us our beloved

fur baby. We love him so very much. ~ Trista

A Top Dog puppy story photo


We just wanted to let you know that our little puppy Chewie has adjusted well to life at our house.  He's been a part of our family for a month now and he makes us all so happy.He is living up to his name by chewing on anything left out at floor level-slippers are his favourite!  Here are a few pics to share with you.  Thanks again for helping us find our four legged family member.~ Steve, Heather, Noah and Evan

A Top Dog puppy story photo


I would just like to share an update about Cooper.

We got him from you guys exactly a month ago and he has brought so much joy in our lives.

Thank you and special thanks to Cerise for being patient with all of our questions.

The top left is the first day we got him and the bottom right was taken today after his first puppy trim. ~ Linda

A Top Dog puppy story photo




We were lucky enough to find our beautiful Yorkshire puppy at your store in March of last year and wanted to send you a picture of how she has grown since then.  Mila is now 7lbs and is the light of our life.

~ June and James

A Top Dog puppy story photo


Thank you Top Dog for our new family member, he fits in beautifully.


The experience at Top Dog was excellent, I give it 5 stars. We picked up our Labra Doodle Doodle and surprised the kids, had them pick the name and of course they picked Doodle lol. The preparation and the patience that the employees show is amazing, all questions answered with no doubts left.


Again, thank you!


He is now almost 4 months old and already weighs 25lbs. Friendly and cuddly. ~ Domenic

A Top Dog puppy story photo


I cannot tell you how much we love her!  We lost our last pet and only waited 1 month before we found Lila…..which was not the plan.  We missed our Tika dearly.


However, we never dreamed we would find such a pup!  She is the most amazing thing that has happened to us! We are just crazy in love and our hearts our full!

Thank you again! ~ Kari and Chris


Hi Top Dog!  It’s me Lila!


I just wanted to let you know I love my family and I love my life! Thank you for finding me the Paw-fect Fur-ever home! You are Top Notch in our books!

Love, Lila

A Top Dog puppy story photo


Here is a pic of Kensi. She and her bro Kcee sit at the window together for little neighbourhood watch. ~ Carl and Donna

A Top Dog puppy story photo


It has been over a week now since we purchased our fur baby from your store and things couldn’t be better.   We named our new “morkie” Skye and fell in love immediately.   She has adapted to our home quickly and will be treated like a princess that she is.  

I would like to thank all the staff at Top Dog for the great customer service and loving atmosphere.  Please let Marly know that Skye is in good hands and will never be without love.


Thank you for bringing Skye into our lives. 

~ Kim and Sharon

A Top Dog puppy story photo


My husband and I purchased a puppy from you a couple weeks ago so I thought I would email so you can see how she is doing! :)  Her name is Bella.
Thanks, Riana 

A Top Dog puppy story photo


Thanks Amy and everyone at The Top Dog Store!
A picture of Toby for you and the team!"
Cheers, Michael & Lindsey

The Top Dog Store


Thank you to the Top Dog team for helping me find this energetic and sweet puppy Pom!


"Dolce" is very a quick learner and has found a great home!   


The staff at "Top Dog were knowledgeable and friendly but most of all cared for the homes the puppies were going to.


Thanks again for finding me the perfect member to our family! We will definitely will come back to Top Dog Store for a visit! - P

The Top Dog Store


I have been meaning to send you some pictures of Dexter after we welcomed him into our family in  October. He's been a fantastic addition and we couldn't been happier!  - Dennis

The Top Dog Store


Hey Top Dog!

Our new Mini Dachshund puppy, Zoe, is super sassy and loves to play! She's a huge cuddlebug and hasn't met a dog she doesn't like. Her current hobbies are chasing the cat and pulling on her doggy brother's beard. Thank you so much to Robert and Marion for making it possible for us to have our Zoe-girl! - Amy

The Top Dog Store


We recently adopted "Joy", our Malti-Chin from Top Dog. She definitely brought joy to our lives!

Thanks to The Top Dog Store for being professionals, focusing on details, kindness, and providing excellent advice and tips. We love what you do and the way you find families for beautiful puppies by asking the right questions to ensure that each puppy match the right home. Here is a picture of a "Joy Moment".

The Top Dog Store


Hi there we were in on Monday and picked up this cute little guy! We named him Jax.


Just want to say thanks he's doing great, full of energy and love. He's been a great addition to our family!

The Top Dog Store


Here is our little Sophie with her favourite toy!


We’ve had her a week now. She’s such a joy to have around and we just love her to pieces.


Training is starting to get underway as she goes on her peepads most of the time and loves her crate now. She loves everyone she meets, welcoming them with kisses. 

Thanks Crystal and all the staff we talked to this week (probably everyone in the store) for all your patience and support. We really do appreciate it. -  Suzy and Bryan

The Top Dog Store


Meeka loves snuggling up, relaxing, playing in the grass and is even learning how to play fetch! 


She loves meal time and staying warm on those chilly nights - Meeka is always happy to hangout on the BIG bed before bedtime. 


She is loved in her new home! She loves to play with all of her toys and snuggle with anyone that is around!

The Top Dog Store


Hi there !
I purchased a chocolate Labradoodle type puppy from you this past summer and she is the awesomest dog ever!!


We love her to pieces! 


I already have her in tracking classes and she is great at it! Our instructor asked me if the mother of my pup was from a working line of labs as my pup has all of the qualities of a field lab and is a really good tracker. 

The Top Dog Store


Everything is going great with Bella.


We have had her for a month and she is now house trained.  She goes to the back door and barks to let us know she needs to go out. 


She is just a wee pleasure to have and  we are enjoying every day with her.  She especially loves our granddaughter - kids and puppies a perfect combination for sure. - Liz

The Top Dog Store


Just wanted to send you some pictures of Sandy with her new family.  We adopted her from The Top Dog Store on Nov 13, 2016. We brought home 8 lbs. of joy.


Sandy has been a great addition to our pack. She has an older brother, Magic (Siberian Husky) and sister, Roxy (Border Collie). 


Roxy and Sandy play non-stop until exhausted then recharge for the next session. Magic just watches and is probably thinking where do they get all that energy from.


Sandy is very smart and was very easy to train. She makes us laugh and smile every day. Roxy is so happy that she has a sister to play with every day. 

She now weighs 15 lbs. and is starting to get her long curly hair.

Would like to thank the staff at The Top Dog Store for taking such good care of Sandy and making her the happy girl that she is. - Kathy G.

The Top Dog Store


Hi! Here is Tally, we got her from you last year.


She is the most gorgeous, gentle, sweet animal. She is amazing with our toddler, who was a baby when we got her.


Tally listens and behaves so well, and is an incredible member of our family. Everyone who meets her loves her and not to mention she is the prettiest bull dog I have ever seen.


She is loved dearly by her entire family and extended family. - Michelle H.

The Top Dog Store


I fell in love the minute I held her for the first time and couldn't be anymore in love.


Her name is Lucy and I've been a mum to my fur baby just over a year! Lucy is looking to be a big sister fairly soon! - Lucy's Mom

The Top Dog Store


Hi, I have one of the labradoodles that was at your store. She is doing great and I am so happy to have her. Thank you so much. 

Her name is Brandi…..and she is 10 weeks old now. She loves being outside and being with her new family. thank you again.  - Debra




This is Brandi now at 8 months old. She is a hand full sometimes but love her to pieces. Thanks again for this wonderful dog .

The Top Dog Store


Couldn't imgaine our lives without him. - Kerrie

The Top Dog Store


Hello Top Dog Store

We welcomed our adorable fur babies into our families last week!

They are both so happy, loving and playful not to mention ridiculously cute. We are all so in love with them and they have fit perfectly into our families. These brothers will spend lots of quality time together.

The Top Dog Store


Just a quick note to thank all your team for matching us with our Bichon / Chihuahua puppy, "Fenn" - named because he looks like a little Fennec Fox - so very, very cute with his big floppy ears and loving eyes!

Our new little man has brought so much happiness and joy to our lives - while all the training, early mornings and endless, endless puppy energy can be tiring some days - when I see his little face, it always brings a smile to my heart.

His little waging tail that greats me after work gives me a new look on life - such a sweetie!

Thanks especially to Marley for all her help the first Saturday we met and the then Thursday we took Fenn home for ensuring he was "the one" for us and her patience as we picked out all the stuff we needed to bring him home!! xo Marley

Again, thanks for the great service we receive at your store and your work you do ensuring the breeders are ethical.

xo Stephen and Mike (Fenn's Dads)

The Top Dog Store


Jaxon has been great, it didn't take him much time to get used to his new home. He has no problems being in his crate, he actually loves it in there which is great because he never cries at night.

He is the perfect passenger when we go for car rides, the entire time he will sit on the seat or on your lap without moving or whining.

His favourite toys include two giraffes, one cow and one turtle, he can play for as long as you want and when it is time to settle down he will cuddle with you on the couch.

I couldn't have ask for a better puppy, he is the perfect fit to our little family and we look forward to many more years of love and fun with him. ~  Nicole

The Top Dog Store


Dear Amy and Friends at The Top Dog Store,

Penny has been with us one week now, she is sleeping through the night, playing fetch with her little ball and brings it back everytime.


She is such a joy to be with and it's our pleasure to boast that she is such an important part of our family and I can't elaborate how much love we have for her.


Isn't that the purpose of your store? You have completed us!! Thank you from all of us.  - Michelle 

The Top Dog Store


Hi Top Dog- 

I wanted to send you an update on our Cockapoo, Parker, which we bought from you back in March.


He's a fluffy ball of energy and quite the model! We recently got engaged and we couldn't help but include Parker in our photo (he's family after all!).


We wanted to praise the store for providing excellent dogs from fantastic breeders, we can tell that he came from a well-adjusted home prior to ours - he is friendly towards everyone, especially kids, and we rarely hear a peep out of him (he rarely barks). 

The Top Dog Store


Hi guys!

This is Lily, she's so perfect!


Thanks a lot for being patient and so helpful during this last 2 months we were searching for our 4th family member.

We couldn't be happier with Lily!

The Top Dog Store


May  2019


We wanted to thank the staff for their help in adopting our second fur baby “Peanut.”  A special thank you to Doug for all his help and information. 


Peanut is settling in nicely with us.  He is losing his tentative nature more and more each day as continues to gain confidence and security in his new environment.  Luna, our other fur baby we adopted just a month ago from the store is extremely happy to have another puppy in the house.  Both are bonding well and enjoy being with each other.  


It has been a joy to deal with the staff during our visits.  We appreciated the training classes we were able to take at the store with Luna.  Janna Dionne was great and gave lots of good information. We appreciated that Janna e-mailed notes about each class to review as we need.   We would tell anyone adopting a puppy, whether it’s the first time or it’s been awhile, it’s well worth the time.  


Thank you again for our two wonderful fur babies, Luna and Peanut. Thanks for making both adoptions such a great experience. 


Sincerest Regards,

Lynnette, William & Alex


March 2019


Hi Top Dog Store,

I thought you would like to see how handsome our puppy Journey is. 


I purchased him on Nov. 12th, 2018, and

he is an awesome, sweet boy.



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March 2019


Hi to all at the 'Top Dog Store'.


This is Craig writing on behalf of 'Monk' who is about to turn 7 months old.


He is adapting wonderfully to his new home in Hanna, and is growing into a very happy young lad indeed; with lots of space to run and plenty to keep his curious mind entertained.

He is a very healthy boy and is my constant joy and companion. He simply loves the snow and climbs like a goat!


I've included a photo of Monk on his favorite 'Mountain'.


Thank you all and best of wishes, Craig.

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December, 2018


Hi Top Dog,

I just wanted to provide an update on Nugget, my Havanese Cocker Spaniel that I brought home on December 2nd.

We’ve had her for almost a month now and she is doing phenomenal. The first few nights were a bit of an adjustment for Nugget but she now sleeps through the night without a peep and actually climbs into her kennel on her own. She is fully house trained already with a minor accident here or there. She has already figured out to go scratch on the back door when it’s time to go pee or poop. 

She is a very playful pup and likes putting on a show for people with her jumps and somersaults. We’ve already taught her how to sit. She is very intelligent and easy to train. As playful as she is, she gets tired out pretty quick still and has plenty of naps throughout the day. 

We love her very much and are very happy with her progress! I have never seen or met a smarter pup. Can’t wait to share more with you down the road.


UPDATE: July 2019


Hi Top Dog,

I am so excited to give you an update on Nugget my Havanese Cocker Spaniel I brought home December 2nd, 2018.

Nugget is the absolute happiest dog. When her tail wags her whole body wags with it.


She is a small dog who thinks she is a large dog and is happiest when in the company of other dogs. 


As much as she has tons of energy she also loves snuggle time with mom and face licks. She has captured the hearts of everyone who has met her and we constantly get questions on what kind of dog she is and get told how cute she is.


Thanks again Top Dog for bringing this blessing into our lives! 



June 2018


Hello Top Dog!
My husband and I purchased two Westies from you a few days ago and I wanted to let you know that they’re doing great. Tons of personality and just so happy. 

Their names are Flora and Daphne. They had their first vet visit this week and did so well - the vet wanted to take Flora home. 

Special thanks to Don who helped us out.

The Top Dog Store


May 2018

Hi Top Dog,

It will be exactly 8 months on Monday since we brought home little Emmie.


She's doing amazing, loving caring, happy go lucky puppy, she's very yappy (which can get annoying) but we love her more then anything. 


She is a cuddle monster, and loves giving kisses...

One of her favourite things are belly rubs, she gets so over excited when she meets a new person or animal (especially dogs).

Also, when she sees someone she loves and starts wagging her tail she gets so excited that instead of just wagging her tail she'll wag her bum and tail, it's so cute.

We love her to the moon and back and can't thank you enough for everything, especially Marley who helped convince my parents to get her (Marley's awesome), and everyone else who helped.  Grace 

The Top Dog Store


March '18:

Hi there,

In October my wife took me to the Top Dog store to look at puppies. We already had a 9 year old multipoo that we loved dearly but had been pondering about another.


We showed up at the store and I was amazed and sceptical. I spoke with Marli the Manager and she helped my scepticism subside.


We looked at a couple of pups but what caught my eye was this chocolate labradoodle by herself. She was so adorable I had to see her. Marli put us in a meet and greet stall and we feel in love with her.


We played for an hour with her and decided to take her home. This little girl choose us before we even touched her. We have been long time dog owners and feel that pups choose us and we say' yes'.


Sadie was the name chosen by Marli and has been her name ever since.


We would recommend Top Dog to anyone for there service, care, and to go beyond.


We visit often to purchase things for both our dogs and to say thanks. - Doug

The Top Dog Store


January '18:

I wanted to send this to you to let you know I'm doing really good! I have a loving home and get special treats when I go outside and even when I sit or lay down.


The other furry animal(I think it's a cat) is really grumpy but she's old so I leave her alone. I have made friends with lots of other dogs way bigger than me but they don't hurt me.

Every where my human goes I go. I get a lot of pets and cuddles from the really old humans that live in this big building. They drop food down where I am so I help them clean it up.

Thank you for my forever home.

Love Addie

The Top Dog Store


Hello and happy new year to the top dog store staff and puppies.


Just wanted to message you and let you know that little "Ditcher" is doing well and fitting in flawlessly with our family.


It was love at first sight for all of us.

The Top Dog Store


April '18:

We adopted Milo a week ago now and wanted to send you some pictures if how happy he is! He adapted so well and is just one of the family already 😊 

The Top Dog Store


First of all happy New Year to the entire staff and precious puppies at the Top Dog Store.


I wanted to let know that my family and I are completely in love with our Coco.


She's such a joy to have, thank you!

The Top Dog Store


Hi all!
It was Cedric's 1st Birthday yesterday, so we thought we'd share a few photos with you of his first year!
He's such a flirt - thanks again for helping us find someone to spoil! ~ Lesley, Aaron & Cedric

The Top Dog Store


This is Baxter.


He's a cover stealing, shoe loving garbage dog. He's as agile as a sloth and gives better hugs than a Koala. He smells his own farts and sighs when you poke him. He shares his bed with his baby Boston sissy and will play the piano with his toes if it means there's a treat to be had.


He climbs couches like a mountain goat and made sure to keep his mum's engagement ring safe on his collar on 'the big day'.


He's got more personality than an entire accounting department and more importantly - He was a Market Mall Petland Puppy. We couldn't imagine our life without our fur baby and we know that you guys will continue to change the lives of many with your puppies. Keep it up, stay strong and fight for what's right!

The Top Dog Store


December '17:


Hello Everyone!

We had such a nice visit with you in October.  TdBr was very pleased to be remembered and greeted so warmly by Marly and Jenna. He was also excited to pick out a Hallowe’en costume with the help our good family friend Don.

Our beautiful Yorkie puppy TdBr, will be 2 years old in just a few weeks. My husband, Glen bought him for me as an early birthday present and we brought him home to be a part of our family in March 2016. Our lives have been so different in so many wonderful ways since, thanks to TdBr.

Everywhere we go people stop us and ask where we got TdBr. As he is now an almost fully trained service dog he is out and about quite a bit. We got TdBr as a pet but shortly after bringing him home we realized that he has the perfect temperament to be a service dog as well. He has been so easy to train. We have referred so many people who are looking for a pet puppy to The Top Dog Store.

We know that we could have rescued a puppy or even an older dog but as neither my husband nor I had any experience with dogs we really thought it best in our case to buy a puppy. (We greatly appreciate people who rescue their pets. We just lost our rescued family hedgehog this past month.) When we began our search for a puppy we looked at various breeders online but having no experience we had no idea which ones were ethical. The Top Dog Store was the answer. The fact that you have so much experience and that you do your research so that new puppy families like ours know that our puppies have been well taken care of both by the breeders and by your wonderful staff before we bring our puppies home is awesome. As a result we families are able to bring home healthy and happy puppies. Add to all of that the fact that families are able to visit and play with and bond with their puppies before even leaving the store with them means that families like ours AND puppies like TdBr end up being matched as they were meant to be.

TdBr comforts people who have anxiety, depression, pain, and we have very recently discovered that he likes to sit on the feet of pregnant women.  He loves greeting and exchanging love with anyone, large or small, young or old. He has calmed many a stressed shopper with his hand “kisses”. He is terrific with all other dogs, thanks again in part to the staff at The Top Dog Store.

Two nights ago TdBr woke me up and had me follow him downstairs to the kitchen. I thought he wanted to go outside but we had accidentally left a candle burning so he took me to it and would not move until I blew it out.

We do realize that many of TdBr’s experiences are due to the fact that he is a service dog now but we are also completely convinced that the reason he has done so well in his training so far is largely thanks to The Top Dog Store’s diligence in choosing the puppies that they then match to forever homes and families.

Thank you with all my heart Top Dog Store! I had no idea that I could ever love an animal THIS much ❤️

Penny (and Glen, with “kisses” from TdBr)

The Top Dog Store


We came to you in January with our South African Mastiff, Chewbarka, who needed a new friend after our Doberman passed.


When Chewy & this lil' girl met it was love at first sight, we named her Princess Leia before we even left the store.


She is the most wonderful, loving, affectionate, playful, sweet mannered puppy we've ever met.


We are so thankful to have her in our family. We all love stopping in & seeing everyone at Top Dog! You have a great store with exceptional staff!


Chewy & Leia will continue to stop in to shower you with kisses & love.

The Top Dog Store


I adopted my fur baby, Mishka, over a year and a half ago from your store and she is doing absolutely fabulous!


Mishka and my cat are best friends and love to play tag. She is also a big fan of playing fetch, eating treats, and spa days. Here she is looking fabulous with a flower in her fur.


I am so happy to have her in my life – thank you for providing me with such a special, funny little girl. Happy New Year to The Top Dog Store team!

The Top Dog Store


Everyone should want a Top Dog Dog. 


Could not be more proud of our little Top Dog Dog Dally as they went to the Calgary Stampede for the 4H Youth in Action Demonstration. 


At 6 months old our little puppy rocked the puppy agility course and loved on and accepted pets hugs and kisses from thousands of visitors of all sizes. 


Needless to say by the end of a 6 hour shift both her and my 9 year old daughter were pooped.


The Top Dog Store


Hey Top Dog! 

I wanted to say “Merry Christmas” and send you a picture of Charlie.  She is doing so well! 


I hope you are still using Charlie’s breeder because Charlie is such a smart, sweet girl.  Training her was a breeze!  She learned to sit, lie down, shake a paw, roll over, leave it, and stay in just one week. 


She is such a joy to have – thank you again! ~ Kari & Chris

The Top Dog Store


Lily has been a complete joy to our whole family. She has been learning all sorts of new how to bark at toys stuck under the couch. 

We have had her less than two weeks, and I can't imagine life without her. 

Thanks so much TopDog for helping us find our fur baby. -Tanis

The Top Dog Store


Just wanted to send a huge Thank You .....

Charlie (Cocker / Cavalier) only took a day to adjust to our home ~ Love him to bits already !!!

He's already asking for the door, fetching and returning a ball & sleeps all night in his kennel ..... Think I got the smartest puppy ever :)

Thanks Again - Kim 

The Top Dog Store


So happy to have adopted Nova from your store!!! She's already making herself at home!!!! Please share with your staff as I was fortunate to have them care for her when I couldn't be there :) she's bringing me so much joy and laughter already!!!!

Thank you, 


The Top Dog Store


Just wanted to share some current photos of my puppy Callie that we adopted from your store! She is a Cockalier and will be 1 year old on November 29! She has been such an amazing dog so far and I am so grateful for your store and providing these wonderful puppies!! She has been a great addition to my family!!

 - Caitlynn

TheTop Dog Store


Hi guys, 

 Just sending an update on our ShihPom that was adopted at the end of August! 

We ended up naming him Sevvy, and he's the sweetest boy. He's growing every day and is very smart. He had no problems in the crate from day 1, and is almost fully potty trained. 

He also learned the Sit command in less than 1 hour. 


We love him so much, thank you!!!  -Rebecca 

The Top Dog Store


Hi Top Dog Store!


We got Roxy at Top Dog in June and just wanted to say a huge thank you for all of the help and advice. 

Roxy is the most affectionate, sociable and fun puppy. She is a wonderful addition to our family! 


Thanks so much! -Edel, Jonny and Roxy!

The Top Dog Store


Hi Top Dogs, 


This is our little Kylo, he joined our family on August 19.  He has been a wonderful addition to our family, couldn't have asked for a better dog.

He has brought nothing but joy to our household and we are so thankful to have him with us. 


Kylo is cuddly, affectionate, fun and just a lovely little guy.  He is a perfect fit for our family.


Thank you so much for all your help.


Ricco is fitting in awesome, he has two kitties that tolerate him, and one that will come for a walk with him. He's getting his house training slowly, and has also learned a few commands, sit, lie down and can close a drawer with a bit of encouragement!! It was luck that I had came in that day and found our baby!  - Cindy 

The Top Dog Store


Hi team,


We wanted to share a photo of our new cocker spaniel puppy Tony, aka Freckles, who joined our family. He has integrated very well and is smart as can be. 

A special thank you to Amy for her knowledge and patience as our family spent 2 hours at the store in a play room (large sized) with the entire litter and hand-picked our pup that suited us best. 

Tony was a staff favorite and it was evident the day we picked him up. Sorry Emma for stealing him away. He has a super sweet, gentle nature that fits with our family including our 8 year old cockapoo Griffon. 



The Top Dog Store




Here is a picture of Eva at the beach near her new home on Vancouver Island. We absolutely adore her, she is only a little spoiled.


We thank you again for bringing us together.


With Kindest Regards, - Michael and Deborah 

The Top Dog Store


Hello - I wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for helping us find our special puppy, Opie!


Opie started out shy but then quickly warmed up to his new surroundings and now he is like a wonderful, little tornado in our home!

He has added such a spark into our lives and we can't wait to see what he does next! Thanks!

The Top Dog Store


Thanks again for our Labradoodle !


Dec 6th we bought him. Named him Hunter. He is the sweetest/ most gentle/smartest/most loving/happiest dog i've had!


My beagle loves him. 


He almost done his puppy school and soon to be neutered. Awesome breeder !!   Thanks again!

The Top Dog Store


Here's Norton who is now 5 months old & living a great life at his home in Manitoba.

Thank you Top Dog for our precious little Norton!

Lorette, Manitoba.

The Top Dog Store


Hey Top Dog,

Just wanted to send you guys an update. My family bought our puppy from you last December, a West highland terrier! Named him scribbles.


Just wanted to thank you all for being an

amazing store and giving us our beloved

fur baby.


We love him so very much. ~ Trista

The Top Dog Store


Good morning, just wanted to send an update:

Kylo joined our family August 19, 2016 and it has been the best year.  We could not imagine life without him.

He is kind, cuddly, loving and so much fun.  He loves to play with our boys and the boys absolutely adore. 


We are so happy he joined our family and looking forward to the years to come.  Thank you Top Dog !!

Kindest regards, Karen 

The Top Dog Store


Our Pom Poo boy is happy and named Champ!

Super smart and very fun. Thanks

The Top Dog Store


Here are a few pictures of Bella.  I can’t tell you how much I love her!! - Sharon H.

The Top Dog Store


Hello everyone at Top Dog. 

Thought you might like to see the little Maltipoo girl who won my heart and has been such a joy to bring into my home. 

She is settling in nicely and has a beautiful character. She charms all who meet her and like to lie like a frog in the sunshine. She is very respectful of my elderly cat and they are becoming friends.

Thank you for all you help and patience.
Jacqueline and Zoe


First haircut and loving the freedom! Zoe is growing into such a lovely little fur person and I remain so grateful she came into my life. 

We got a lot out of puppy classes and continue to build on manners. 


Thank you again for bringing us together. ❤️🐶

The Top Dog Store


Thank you to everyone at The Top Dog Store for your amazing service, support, knowledge and for your love of what you do. 

We had gone in quite a few times, looking for just the right dog for our family.  When we finally met Scooby, our chocolate lab puppy, the staff was so helpful with getting us what we needed, so patient while we asked all our many questions, and excited right alongside us. 


Since Scooby came home, he has quickly become a part of our family.  He is growing big and growing up, and we all absolutely adore him.   We are proud of what a friendly, sweet boy he is, and enjoy his cuddles, kisses, and playtimes together as a family. He has lots of friends, both furry and human, and is still persisting in his attempts to win over our cat. 

Thank you so much for helping us to find the right pet for us and making sure he settled in well!  

Ps – if you could pass along the pictures to Scooby’s mom and dad to let them know what a great dog he is becoming, and that he is very well-loved, we would really appreciate it.  Thank you!! - Suzanne and family

The Top Dog Store


Hi guys.

We adopted Yuki on Dec 4th, 2015 and I just wanted to send you a few pics of how he has grown.  He just got his first haircut a couple weeks ago.


Just wanted to let you know he's doing Great!
Thank you for all your help when we were adopting him. We love him a lot.
Sincerely - Penny & Family

The Top Dog Store


Dear Top Dog,


Hi, I am now settling into my new Forever Home. My new name is Snuggles. I have a brother that isn't too fond of me yet and a sister that started playing with me on Monday.


I don't like settling down after playing, but eventually I do. I am getting use to the laminate flooring but still prefer sitting on a mat.


My temperature, weight are good and I am eating well. I look a lot like my Papallon sister. Here is a picture of me taken on Saturday. Thank you for taking care of me until I could find my new home. I will come and see you soon. - Snuggles

The Top Dog Store
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