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If you are bringing a new puppy into your life, here are ten great reasons that The Top Dog Store can help to create a wonderful lifetime experience for your family.

Our Puppies


The Top Dog Store is a safe and reliable source of healthy, happy puppies.  We specialize in the breed cross types that seem to fit most people’s lifestyles; small to medium sized pups, low shedding, and carefully bred to be robust and good natured for your family.

All Top Dog puppies have passed their veterinary wellness checks, so they are ready to go into their new home. Our in-store puppy kennel is monitored by our consulting veterinarians, and we use best management practices in the love and care that our puppies receive during the short time they are with us. Top Dog puppies have all their vaccinations and preventative treatments kept up to date while in our care, and you will receive the puppy's birth certificate and complete health records when the puppy goes home.


Your new puppy is protected by the Top Dog Health Warranty to ensure your puppy’s growth and development are normal. Your Top Dog puppy will receive a complimentary vet visit with one of our partner clinics to ensure the puppy has entered your care in good health.  We encourage all puppy owners to obtain and maintain pet health insurance.  All Top Dog puppies have an AVID microchip for permanent identification and proof of ownership / guardianship to protect both yourself and your pet.  The kennel at The Top Dog Store is certified by PIJAC Canada for Best Management Practices.

Our Homing Practices


The Top Dog Store employs responsible and effective homing practices to encourage the most positive of outcomes for both the puppy and the family in the new home.  You will be guided through the homing process by a knowledgeable Puppy Advisor who will assist in matching the right puppy for your life circumstances. We strive to ensure you are confident and prepared for the first few days and onward at home with your new puppy. Clients are required to complete a puppy suitability questionnaire to confirm that new owners are making a well thought out family decision. 


Education is important - Learn what to expect in those first few weeks after bringing puppy home by taking our FREE two-hour puppy parenting class.  It’s a great overview of puppy basics like housebreaking, crate training, and other helpful tips, with time for your questions at the end.  Sessions are currently available on video here.

Our Puppy Providers


All Top Dog puppies come from Alberta based breeders.  These local kennels have proven themselves to be exemplary providers, and we commend them for their specialized knowledge, high standards of care, and the hard work and dedication required to provide healthy happy puppies into our community. To ensure compliance and humane care, Top Dog breeders are inspected and approved on a regular basis by our consulting veterinarian and our managing partner.

The Top Dog Store has taken a firm stance against puppy mills and substandard breeders by supporting quality providers who care for their animals in a humane and ethical fashion. All animals deserve to be treated with kindness and respect and we will not be involved with or tolerate people who are unethical in their animal care or homing practices.

Our Store


Top Dog puppy owners receive a permanent 10% discount off everything in the store, including pet food. You are a preferred customer, and we love you.


Attractive Financing options are available for The Top Dog Store at with manageable monthly payments starting at $75 month.  Please visit to pre-qualify for funding by filling out their financing application form or apply in-store.


The Top Dog Store has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and we have been recognized by PIJAC Canada for our commitment to ‘Best Management Practices’ in all aspects of our animal care. 


We are proud to have received hundreds of 5-star reviews online from people complimenting us on our care and service, but most of all we hear about how people’s  lives have been changed for the better after bringing home a Top Dog puppy.

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